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Talking about Physical Description (hair and eyes) : English Language

YouTube Description Tutorial and Template

This YouTube description tutorial will help you get more views, subs, grow your other social accounts and more. You can use this template as a guide and then modify it for your needs.

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Q&A: My Routine, Fasting, Time Management, & More! (Timestamps in the Description!)

Store \u0026 Merch:

Hey gang! To celebrate 400k, I thought I'd do a Q\u0026A! Also, because this is something a lot of people have been asking for. Thank you so much to everyone for helping the channel grow! To help you find any bits you might be interested in, check the timestamps below.

00:00 - Cliched Coffee Intro
00:56 - Intermittent Fasting
01:50 - Female Superhero Training
03:04 - Training as a New Father
06:01 - Martial Arts Experience
10:14 - New merch!
11:23 - Training Manual Dexterity
12:16 - Weird Question About a Chair
12:42 - My Physique - Bodybuilding vs Functional Training
15:54 - My Worst Injury
19:40 - Favourite Superhero / Comic Run
21:44 - Natty or Not?
23:51 - How I Became "The Bioneer"
29:37 - My Routine




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